Everyone have locks in their home, for protection and security. We all know the common locks like padlocks and deadbolt locks, but there are still many things we don’t know about locks in general, from the history to other trivia about locks and keys. Kingsford Eastern Suburbs Locksmiths is a leading locksmith that provides locksmith services and offers quality locks and security alarm products.

We here at Kingsford did our research and found out a few facts about lock and we want to share them to you. It is important to gain more knowledge about locks as it might help us learn more about the lock that we use in our everyday life. Kingsford Eastern Suburbs Locksmiths will be giving you a few facts about locks.

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Here are Eastern Suburbs Locksmiths Facts about Locks

  • James Sargent invented the first combination lock in 1857.
  • Robert Barron invented the double acting tumbler lock in 1778. A stump on the tumbler passes through the bolt, opening the lock.
  • Harry Houdini was a locksmith before becoming a magician.
  • If deadbolts are not properly installed, they will not offer the protection that you need.
  • Many modern locks are hybrid of various designs.
  • Movie depictions of picking locks with bobby pins are inaccurate.
  • Locks are classified by grades of security, from low to high.
  • Biometric Locks work by recognizing the fingerprint of the owner.
  • Padlocks date back to ancient Egypt and Babylon.
  • Wall mounted locks are used in high security situations, such as for safe-deposit boxes. They are also often installed with alarms and censors for better security.
  • There are organizations, magazines, websites and seminars that are devoted to lock picking.
  • Exit control locks prevent people from leaving a building when not authorized. These are mostly used in Airports and stores to prevent shoplifting.
  • Some locksmiths work with the police to give them entry to a building.
  • One of the basic lock designs is the lever. A small lever made of metal works with a bolt. This design dates back to the Roman Empire.
  • The warded lock is another basic lock design that places obstructions in a pattern, with the key shaped to work around the obstructions.

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