Locksmiths are called when we have problems with our door locks, car keys or office alarms. They are the first ones in our minds when we talk about security, since the can repair, install and replace our locks and keys. But locksmiths have more duties and responsibilities than those things and Kensington Locksmiths Sydney is going to give you the Duties of Locksmiths.

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Here are Kensington Locksmiths Sydney ‘s Locksmiths Duties

General Duties

  • Other than their commonly known tasks, locksmiths also handle selling and installing high-security lock systems and key control systems as well as window bars, dead bolt locks and other types of keyless entry locks. They also handle repair, replacement and adjusting damaged or defective components of an entrance or exit door. Other general duties include changing lock key combinations and designing complex master key systems for industry and institutions.

Specific Duties

  • The Specific duties of the locksmiths depend on the area they are working on. Some of their responsibilities include servicing and adjusting key machines, repairing locks, re-keying locks, creating or duplicating keys for locks, opening cylinders when the keys are not available (which is done during lockouts), preparing master keys from code and creating or duplicating car keys.

Mobile Locksmiths

  • Mobile Locksmiths are required to work from mobile units. In addition to the specific duties, they are also responsible in handling lock repairs in the field, opening doors using a lock pick, reprogramming keys for cars, installation of emergency security alarms, replacement of hinges and re-alignment of doors, installation of security bars, repair and installation of electric security hardware and changing combinations on safe and vault doors.

Now that you know the services of the locksmiths, you will be able to pick the right locksmith for your needs.

Kingsford Kensington Locksmiths Sydney is the best locksmith to call whenever we have problems with locks or keys. Contact us now at 0296631889!

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