You know locks and you use them frequently. There are also different types of locks, and each type works differently. The way they work will let you know how they can offer protection. Knowing these, you’ll be able to pick the best type of lock. Kingsford Locksmith Bondi is one of the most reliable locksmiths and we are going to tell you how locks work.

Here ‘s Locksmith Bondi ‘s the Different Locks and How they Work

Pin & Tumbler Mechanism

  • This type of locking mechanism has a series of spring loaded pins which are loaded into a series of small cylinders. Each cylinder has a bottom part called pin and a top part called a driver. Upon insertion of key, the springs will be compressed as the key lifts the pin, pushing the driver into the upper chambers of the cylinder. With the correct key, the bottom abd top pins align the space between then around a track similar to a ward which is called the shear line.

Side Locking Bar Mechanism

  • This is an improvement of the traditional pin and tumbler design which is vulnerable to lock-bumping attacks. Lock bumping is a lock picking technique where the intruder uses a specialle cut hey to bump a lock open,

Tubular Locks

  • The tubular lock is the most common type of lock that most doors typically have since most of the doors have a hole made specifically for tubular locks. They are mainly used for interior door for bedrooms, bathrooms, passages and closets. Tubular locks are available with a key tumbler lock in the knob on the outside of the door or with a turn or push button on the inside.

Rim Locks

  • A rim lock is a locking device that attaches to the surface of a door, usually the inside surface. A small latch is used to unlock the door from within. On the outside of the door there is usually a smaller sized rim with a keyhole.

Mortise Locks

  • A mortise lock is a type of lock that requires a pocket to be cut into the door int which the lock case is to be fitted. Mortise locks have two different locking devices built into the lock case: the latch bolt and the deadbolt.

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